Lowest Priced Visto Shoe Light

Stay visible, stay smart! The Visto Shoe Light is perfect for walking, running and cycling. Simply attach the light to the back of your shoe, press the button and start moving!I haven’t been a runner for a long time, so I can neither confirm nor deny my fellow reviewers’ concerns about this light falling off their shoes. However, as a bicyclist who is frequently out in the pre-dawn hours of the morning this is not only an amazing little light, but I had no trouble getting it to stay clipped on to my bike shoe. [Note: Lately I’ve taken to simply clipping it on to my left ankle.]If there is any issue with this light, it’s that this is essentially a disposable light. There is no battery replacement. When the battery goes dead, throw it away and buy a new one. The package says it will last 72 hours with a continuous light and 96 hours using the blinking light setting. I generally wouldn’t need the light on for more than an hour, so this should last me most of the summer. If I get 96 hours of life out of this, it will have been money well spent. You can never be too visible while on a bicycle.
My wife purcahsed two of these for me since ocassionally I have to get a run in at dusk. I afixed them to the back of my shoe, as indicated on the packaging, but both fell off in the first half mile. Great idea, bad design.
I bought one of these for myself and my wife. I was excited because we run in the dark. We went out this morning and they are bright.HOWEVER, within 50 yards mine fell off and my wife’s fell off in about 100 yards. I have called New Balance and am returning them for a refund.Please do not waste your time or money.


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